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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Back In Action.

I've been away for a while and only have limited time today to ever engrossing strategic planning meetings so here goes:

I saw a couple of movies before my surgery that I didn't have time to review because of the surgery. Now that it's been a couple of weeks since I saw them I can't really give them a full review so I'll just say Pirates 3 was pretty good. It has a great cast and all the actors seem to genuinely enjoy playing their parts, which more than makes up for the very average script. Keira Knightley is given a bigger role and she does a great job in scenes with heavyweights like Geoffrey Rush, Johnny Depp and Chow Yun-Fat. If you do see it make sure to watch through to the end of the credits to see the final scene. 7.5/10

The other movie I saw was Knocked Up, which was absolutely hilarious. The chemistry between Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl is fantastic and the way their relationship plays out actually makes it believable. Paul Rudd is also fantastic as Heigl's brother in law who has his own troubled marriage to deal with. This movie is every bit as funny as The 40 Year Old Virgin. 9.5/10

- If the Leafs can actually move Bryan McCabe than I take back everything I ever said about John Ferguson Jr. The news that they are trying to trade him really makes me wish that Mike Milbury was running the Isles because he would have taken his stupid contract in a heartbeat.

- I have to agree with the usage of pacman as a verb. In Pacman's defense (likely the only time you will ever hear me use those words), he may not have with his entourage at the time of the shootings. But he , and athletes in general, need to disassociate themselves with their posses. The hangers on have nothing to lose and can only bring down the careers of the athletes they hang with.

- Jim Ballsillie is not doing himself any favors by already negotiating deals with the City of Hamilton and pre-selling tickets. The NHL has not even approved the sale of the Predators to him yet and that arrogant little bastard Gary Bettman certainly does not want things shoved down his throat. Ballsillie has already been screwed out of the Penguins and Bettman would screw him again just to spite him, whether him buying the team is good for the NHL or not. While the 6 Canadian teams would be happy to have the team move to Hamilton, the US owners are not yet ready to give up on the southern US now matter how pointless it is.


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